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  1. I think there are two possibles. Start at San Jean and walk with pilgrims that are just starting like yourself. I found many on holiday mode for the first few days and its a good time to meet people as everyone is looking for folks to journey with. Walk for 9 days to San Dominigo de la caza and then bus it to Burgos and spend a day or two there depending. It could be possible to walk to Burgos straight but this is more typical of trained fast walkers. The scenery is lovely and there is the possibility of continuing on from Burgos in the future and you can keep your your pilgrim passport for the next trip.
    Last year I met a pilgrim that started in Leon. Despite this he quickly became a part of the group that I walked with. He would have had less interaction with some of the people I traveled with but still had a good group of people. Again the scenery is very good.
    I found the Messeta very hard on the feet and between Burgos and Leon although it was a nice walk the alberguess were not as clean and I had some bad experiences mixed in with many that were very good.
    I would walk for nine or ten days straight and not jump around I think this would be too much like following normal life’s stresses which is not the point of a camino.

    Hope your journey is a good one,

    Beun Camino.

  2. I would like to suggest that you just start in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and walk and enjoy your first 11 days of your Camino. fter 11 daysyou return home and later you’ll pick up the trail where you have stopped. You must not miss an inch of your own Camino (You can’t either 😉 ). So just go and enjoy! Buen Camino!

    1. I agree. We started in Pamplona and the first couple weeks were the best for us. From Sarria to Santiago was just too crowded and our least favorite part.

  3. If you want your Compostela at the end of the 11 days and also doing the Camino Frances, then I must recommend you to do the St. Jean Pied de Port – Pamplona trek, and then travel by train to Sarria, to restart your Camino there and finish in Santiago. If you want to end in Fisterra, then you could option to start your Camino before O Cebreiro.

  4. Do the camino Arragon.
    Start in Col du Somport and walk to Pamplona via Jaca, Artieda, Sanguesa, Tiebas, Obanos and Puente de Reina.
    It a beautiful part and not busy at all.
    I walked it 2 weeks ago and did it in 9 days with an everage of 18 km per day.

  5. My daughter and I went from Astorga to Santiago in 10 days – and there is a beautifull nature on that strech. Some of the most beautifull nature on Camino Frances. That I can recommend!! Dorthe DK

  6. If you don’t need to end up at Santiago, one of the sections of the via de la Plata I most enjoed was from Merida to Salamanca, which I did (too fast) in 9-10 days.  Marvellous varied countryside and friendly people.  Fuenterobble is a particular high (in every sense) at Don Blas’ albergue.  Merida’s Roman remains are mind-blowing, Caceres is amazing, the baths at Montemayor fantastic and Salamanca has one of hte most beautiful cityscapes in Europe (and the Plaza Mayor is up there with San Marco in Venice).

  7. Can I get transport back from St Dom de la Calz to Biaritz to travel home

  8. I had 12 days’ walking. I started in St Jean, walked to Estella (about 4/5 days I think) took a series of buses (1 day) to get to Ponferrada and walked to Santiago (about 6 days). I was really happy with my route, that I got to experience the beginning and the end and skipped the middle, duller bit. You could do that, just by taking that bus trip to one town further. Good luck!

  9. I had almost exactly this dilemma: I had eleven days total (ie 8 days walking after travel) and did it last month, so to outline my thinking:

    * Could do Via Portugues eg from Porto. Would be lovely, great scenery, a feeling of doing “a whole route” and getting compostella

    * Start at St Jean and just walk…

    That is what I did and that is what I would recommend.

    There is something special about St Jean. I know you can start anywhere, and there is no “official” start – but, well, there is something special about SJPP.

    Then you get to walk, and appreciate it. No deadlines, targets or connections you need to hit. I walked until time ran out, then just caught a local bus.

    The mountains & scenery were great, and I got to see France, Basque country, Navarra, Rioja and ended up at Burgos (I did walk pretty fast!). In 11 days you might get further, or you might not get as far – it doesn’t matter.

    Personally, just doing the last 200km eg from Sarria would seem like a cheat: doing it to get the badge, rather than doing it to do it. Similar for the stsar-bus-finish. But that is just me.

    So I’d agree with @Edwin Boitin and @Doodles.
    Although @Loeb Polkamp idea of Aragon would be a lovely alternative.

  10. Anyone know how long it will take to hike Pamplona to Leon? I am having a hard time figuring out the timing between these towns. I only have 6-7 days to hike and would like to hit this route for my first trip.

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