I have 3 weeks to walk, where do I start?

Camino de Santiago hike

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I’m off to my first camino in July and I can’t decide whether to start in Burgos or Logroño. I’m flying to Barcelona and both places seem to be connected by buses quite well. Anybody had an experience?

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  1. Anywhere you start – it will be OK. Just listen to your hart and….go. In 3 weeks you will make IT. Buen Camino and good luck.

  2. Monday: 06/27/2011

    3 Weeks = 21 days, OK try this. SJPD to Santo Domingo on foot, Santo Domino to Burgos by Bus. Burgos to Astorga by Train. Astorga to Santiago by
    foot. This is probably the best use of 21 days.

    Buen Camino

  3. You can start in leon. Walk to santiago, stay there 2 nights – walk on to finisterra, maybe you will stay there also. But I agree doesn’t mind where you start, it’s your camino:)

  4. I’d start in Burgos.  Watch the small stones in the first 50km which are hard on the feet.  You should make Santiago in 19 days and you can spend one day there which is worth it or go to Finisteria (coast).  For most people that’s be a good pace.   You will still have good views in Galicia but have the chance to walk with the same people (you’ve never met yet) for three weeks. Even if you walk skip a bit and start again in Leon you can still meet people and you will but I’d find it hard to skip ahead leaving people I’d met.  

  5. It doesnt matter where you start but I’d say just walk from the time you start, do not skip stages as the camino experience is enhanced by your fellow pilgrims. If you skip stages then you will be meeting with new pilgrims all the time and so will never build a relationship with fellow pilgrims. I loved meeting the same people along the way and being able to discuss things which were a bit deeper than the mundane “where are you from” “where did you start” etc….. people who have walked will know what I mean. This conversation gets tiresome and when your journey is with the same people (not that you may speak to them all or have any more than a “hello) you form a sort of community.

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