I have walked the Camino, now I am “hooked”…now what?


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I made my first trip to Europe, alone, to walk the Camino from SJPP to Santiago, and returned to the States July 12. I now have a problem. I’m already itching for my next adventure, which more than likely will be sometime between May 30-Aug 1, 2013 (I’m a teacher), and don’t know if there is any other adventure in the world that could beat my Camino experience on SO MANY levels.

For anyone out there who has done extensive traveling, is this normal or is there REALLY nothing that beats the Camino? I am looking at possibly hiking The Kerry Way in Ireland, but it looks like it doesn’t offer the traveler nearly the same level of support the Camino did.

Am I just feeling “normal”? Or is it just too close to the Camino that it is natural that nothing else could comprare at this time? My mind is still processing Spain, but I’m ready to move forward…. Any advice from someone who may have felt the same when you began traveling?

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  1. I Walked the camino Santiago last year , I walked alone from SSPD To Santiago, and i can say that was amazing . Take me this year to understand what i done ! The best tavel ever in my life ! So many freinds i meet and so much to see 🙂

  2. Hi, I Know the feeling! Never leaves You! I walked Camino France in the summer of 2010. After reaching Finisterra, I wanted more! I walked The English Way then The Portuguese Way!
    On returning to Scotland just made me want even more! Walking is a big part of my life. West Highland Way in Scotland is the a fantastic walk. 96 miles! Support on route is really good! I have Walked In Italy 2011 Via Francia to Rome. And this year to Vastena in Sweden.
    But reality is The Compostella De Santiago is The Cream de la cream!
    Buen Camino!

    1. Hi Charlie

      I also walked the Camino Frances in summer 2010 and didn’t meet any other Scottish pilgrims on the Way. I’m interested in walking to Rome now via the Via Francigena – what can you tell me to help me plan?



  3. Hi,
    I haven´t done el Camino till april, 2013 but watching viedos, reading, learning about it I´ve heard about a pilgrimage in Japan. It sounds as profound as el Camino and is already on my “things to do” list.

  4. I tried the Portuguese route from Lisbon with a friend this Spring. Not well sign posted (unless you want to go to Fatima) and the route is along busy main roads, some without foot paths!!! We have done the route from SJPP so not learners but this was dangerous in places with the traffic etc. May be walk from Porto, this may be better organised. We stayed in a few Bonbaros (fire stations) they were free and good fun. We did appreciate these stop overs. Not so many refugeos. I want to walk from Le Puy en Velay next year. It seems a quiet route with stopping places. Good luck.

  5. I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve walked alone (though you are never really alone) from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago. I did not want to leave and I am also itching to get back. I’ve me people that do the Camino every year. I met a few people that had done the Camino 20 times. I am thinking about doing a pilgrimage that a friend of mine did in East Africa, hikes in Australia and New Zealand (can’t wait to do New Zealand!), and I want to do more of the Appalachian trail (I’ve already done a bit). But I can say, that through the travels I have done so far, though every inch of this world is absolutely beautiful, there is nothing…nothing at all…like the Camino.

  6. I have walked from St. Jean to Santiago twice in 09 and 10 and I am now hooked. I intend to walk from Seville this spring. It is a much longer route and I am so scared that I will be disappointed and that it will not compare with the France route. Will begin in late April and hope the weather is pleasant.

  7. Know the feeling..”Camino starts at home” is the saying. Went back to give something back to the Camino a few times on differrents routes. Never thought I was a walker and started hiking different trails elsewhere in the world..and here I’m hooked too. Starting the Pacific Crest Trail in the spring ..It definately changed my life in my retiring days…and my original Camino shell goes where ever I go..Caminofriends are still on facebook and we share each others arrival in Santiago anniversaries….Follow your gut feeling without being inresponsible…..Sure change my life. Edward Intven FB

    1. I know the feeling very well,the best experience of my life!walking The Way of Saint James on the Camino de Santiago from St.Jean in France to Santiago in Spain in 2011,all thanks to a dear friend who showed me The Way!

      Buen Camino!

  8. My wife and I only did a short section from Sarria to Santiago. However we now regret not having done more. So hopefully, next year, we can start at SJPP.

  9. Hi. i’ve made the camino from SJPP to Santiago and themm to Muxia. the camino for me started whem i finish it. my camino is now and i’m thinking doing the Portuguese camino from Lisbon to Santiago. and yes it will get to you and it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

  10. Are there any Camino Travelers (past or present) from North Florida who would like to attend a get together to encourage, inform and enhance those of us with plans to walk the Camino in a few months.

    1. I would love to, but I live in South Florida… You should ask directly in the Facebook page, you may find someone from North Florida… Buen Camino

  11. That is a normal feeling, I feel the same way… I am looking for the same experience as the camino but I haven’t found one yet 🙁

  12. I walked alone in 2010 and besides yearning to go back, I try to keep the spirit of the pilgrim with me at home. I stop each day at the bridge over a creek by my house and send blessings to the people on the trail. The Camino Is etched on my heart with the memories of the walks in solitude and the kindness of fellow pilgrims. I feel I have never left the Camino. Elin. Oregon.

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