I have walked the Camino, now I am “hooked”…now what?


The question was:

I made my first trip to Europe, alone, to walk the Camino from SJPP to Santiago, and returned to the States July 12. I now have a problem. I’m already itching for my next adventure, which more than likely will be sometime between May 30-Aug 1, 2013 (I’m a teacher), and don’t know if there is any other adventure in the world that could beat my Camino experience on SO MANY levels.

For anyone out there who has done extensive traveling, is this normal or is there REALLY nothing that beats the Camino? I am looking at possibly hiking The Kerry Way in Ireland, but it looks like it doesn’t offer the traveler nearly the same level of support the Camino did.

Am I just feeling “normal”? Or is it just too close to the Camino that it is natural that nothing else could comprare at this time? My mind is still processing Spain, but I’m ready to move forward…. Any advice from someone who may have felt the same when you began traveling?

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