Ibuprofen and the Camino de Santiago


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Can someone please advise me of the availability of ibuprofen in Spain? In the US it is available in large quantities at low cost without prescription but I know that in some countries you can only obtain small quantities at much higher prices.

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  1. I packed a small 35mm film roll canister full of 200g ibuprofen before I left for the camino. I started running low about halfway through. I had intense pain in the arches of my feet that only went away after my 4th week. So ibuprofen was a daily supplement for me. I had no problem getting more in Spain. Every farmacia has ibuprofen and even ibuprofen cream (which didn’t work so well for me). Ibuprofen in Spain is commonly sold in 600g pills that are not held loose in a bottle but individually an aluminum/plastic sheet much like how nyquil or sudafed is packaged in the US. It cost less than 5 euros for 20 pills. I preferred these as I would only need to take one for the day. I even stocked up on the Spanish ibuprofen before returning to the US. You will not want to take a Cosco size bottle of Ibuprofen with. Bring enough that you could one daily and if you need more, get it in Spain.

    1. In Spain it’s referred to as Paracetamol. There are lots of pharmacies in the larger towns.

      1. Ibuprofen is not the same as paracetamol they are two different active ingredients. Ibuprofen is considered to be a NSAID.

        Paracetamol is not generally classified as an NSAID because it exhibits only weak anti-inflammatory activity.

        Both are pain killers but only ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory.

  2. IBUPROFEN 600mg 40 pills 3€ is commonly sold, too in 400 mg 30 pills 2€

    1. Exactly, with a knee injury and the Ibuprofen my only warning is limit its use. Returned to the states anemic from bleeding, because its so easy to get, along with wine.

  3. It’s totally available. You can find drugstores all around the camino. Ibuprofen has been my best friend in my roads to Santiago. Buen camino!

  4. Easily available over the counter at pharmacies in 600 mg tablets. If it’s for knee pain , I used Voltarol 12 hour gel – rubbed locally onto the joint each day before walking. I had no knee problems at all, it worked. I think in Spain it is called Voltadol – again from pharmacies.

  5. Up to 600mg tablets-ibuprofeno. Also available in a gel. Also, voltaren is available over the counter in tablet and get form. It’s stronger and prescription here, but also available in gel. Don’t mix them, as they are both NSAIDs. Also, don’t try to be high-speed and put them on under a knee-ankle brace and then walk. Horrible heat rash. Both are available in about any pharmacy. They are cognates, so if you need to write the names down and the pharmacist will recognize the names. 🙂

  6. When I walked the Camino, I used to say that the Camino was sponsored by Ibuprofen as so many folks were taking it to treat their knee pain etc. It’s a actually a dangerous drug that causes liver damage.

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