IKEA Ponchos for the Camino de Santiago?

The question was:

I have read a few times on the forum about the Ikea ponchos and how great they are, so when I found a brand new one at my local resale shop I was pretty excited. The pattern was an attractive simple white/black, too, which I liked, and the seams inside all reinforced with a strip of glued plastic of sorts.

I wore it in the shower today and unfortunately it failed as I had some water droplets on my skin. I realize I was literally in a bathtub thunderstorm, but am afraid to bring it on the Norte this spring. If it did that in 5 minutes, what would it be like after 5 hours in a downpour. At only $2 it is not a loss and it should be fine on my local trail, but I will continue to use my trusty Frogg Togg rain jacket and pants. They have never let me down when I’ve needed them.

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