Is a Fleece sleeping bag enough?

Is a Fleece sleeping bag enough?

The question was:

Whew! The sleeping bag debate is huge here and I’m still confused. Sounds like a fleece liner would be nice and cozy with a silk liner inside, but, where does one get the former and are they light and compact? I’ve found a Vietnamese company who makes and sells silk liners cheaply but don’t know where to find the fleece ones.

Also, what do the temperature ranges really mean-I’ve heard that the fleeces are good to 15degs C and a silk liner add another 5 degs=10degsC. Does that mean that if the temperature of the Albergue is 10 degs I would be cozy??? And if it was 5 degs outside I would be cold? (I’ll be heading off the start of October 2012). :D

EEk! I know someone out there will know the answer. I’m on a budget, so don’t want to spend $100 on a sleeping bag (the lightest one I can find here in Melbourne -the Roman Palm-is actually 750grams in its case and the reviews for it are not great).
Thanks folks!

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