Is it difficult to find breakfast on the Camino de Santiago?

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I’ve just read on a few blogs things along the lines of “there was nowhere to eat until we’d walked 8km” OR “once I realised we didn’t need breakfast, I was much more calm”

I fear we would not get to the point of being calm! We do not embark on any adventures without filling our tummies with a bowl of porridge or (in South East Asia) noodle soup or lamb’s tail tea in Mongolia…..I cannot imagine asking my kids to walk for two hours on empty stomachs. Are there really stretches where you cannot plan ahead to have at least a loaf or two of bread and some cheese for the morning? (in particular from Astorga onwards).

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  1. If there is an alberque, usually there is also someplace near to get breakfast. Not quite always, though, and sometimes they open after you want to leave. So I have had to walk for an hour or two without breakfast a few times. A good reason to always carry a snack of some kind.

  2. It will depend on how you choose to walk the camino. If you are an early riser and wish to be out the door before the sun comes up, nothing will be open and you will be left to fend for yourself in terms of breakfast. If you leave on the late side then you might be able to find something open at your albergue. Breakfast isn’t usually anything more than bread and coffee. Most cafes won’t open until 10am or later. Most days I would often head out in the morning, munch on an apple and then stop for a break around 10am for a cafe con leche and tortilla de patata. That would hold me over until lunch.

    1. 10 a.m.? Not in many places, especially when the owners know there will be a bunch of peregrinos with euros coming! More like 7 a.m. and earlier, there is a culture of early opening in Spain. Memories of 2 cafes con leche! Of course, the 5 a.m. carrier bag rustlers will have to wait a bit. Buena vida!

  3. I had fresh oranges plus spanish tortilla and lots of coffee in the morning (although not socially acceptable at that hour) it is the PERFECT walking meal! Eggs + potatoes? SAY YES. Most people were already walking for many hours at this point, but it is better to miss dinner than breakfast if you are doing 15 miles! -Anne

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