Is it normal to get nervous before your Camino de Santiago trip?

Stress about traveling to the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

It wasn’t really a panic attack, but today I am 13 days away from getting on a plane and touching down in Paris to begin the biggest adventure of my life.
I’m a worrier by nature, but every couple of years I say “Screw it. Life is too short,” and I do something that scares me.

Trips I take don’t usually sink in until a week or a few days before I leave. When I first decided to walk the Camino my mind kept me awake at night going through all the things that could possibly go wrong between Paris and Madrid(where I’ll be flying home from). Now, I am oscillating between excitement and asking myself “What the h-ll are you doing?”

Anyone else have the same feelings before your Caminos?

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  1. BEst of luck with and Buen Camino- I have never done it but one of these days when I get a few weeks off.Have a great time enjoy every minute the ups and the downs of your journey and tell us all about it on your return.Emma-Glasgow

  2. I’m 12 days away from my trip to walk the Camino – I know exactly how you feel. I’m a healthy mix of excited and terrified, but cannot wait to get on the plane and go! Good luck with your Camino, and enjoy every minute of it. I know I will mine. 🙂

  3. It’s natural to be a little nervous. I completed the Camino on June 5 and before I left, I too, was concerned. Everything went well. Remember to have very comfortable, roomy footwear and everything else will be fine. You’re embarking on an amazing journey. Enjoy it.

  4. Camino is the best experience ever, I finished mine in July. You’ll be around fellow pilgrims, you won’t be ever alone, don’t worry. Walk in your shoes, pack the smallest bag you can and just enjoy it. Buen Camino!

  5. I walked alone and was nervous of the unknown until I got 3km out of town and realized it was going to be one amazing adventure. Be scared of foot fungus and losing your earplugs not the camino.

  6. 14 days and counting until my Camino experience begins and I am more excited while a little nervous…….for my feet more than anything. Buen camino….

  7. I have at least one meltdown per day and I don’t start until August 25! Facing down those fears is part of what this is about for me.

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