Is it normal to get nervous before your Camino de Santiago trip?

Stress about traveling to the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

It wasn’t really a panic attack, but today I am 13 days away from getting on a plane and touching down in Paris to begin the biggest adventure of my life.
I’m a worrier by nature, but every couple of years I say “Screw it. Life is too short,” and I do something that scares me.

Trips I take don’t usually sink in until a week or a few days before I leave. When I first decided to walk the Camino my mind kept me awake at night going through all the things that could possibly go wrong between Paris and Madrid(where I’ll be flying home from). Now, I am oscillating between excitement and asking myself “What the h-ll are you doing?”

Anyone else have the same feelings before your Caminos?

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