Is it OK to have no plan at all?

Is it OK to have no plan at all?

The question was:

I’ve had some lovely feedback from pilgrims on another post. My question here concerns something different so I thought I’d start a new thread.

I am not much of a planner. In fact I was intending to just turn up in Seville on May 1st and start walking! I have given myself about 7 weeks to reach SdC. I have the CSJ guide and I figured that I would follow the shells and get advice along the way about places to stay, good spots for rest days etc. One of the things I am most looking forward to is not having a set plan and putting aside technology for a while – I don’t intend to have a phone or access email.

I thought I’d see if anyone else takes this approach? Reading through other posts it seems that lots of you are very well organised and its given me a slight pang of concern about my own dis organised approach!

Is there anything that I really do need to plan?

Read the good advice on not having a plan when walking the Camino de Santiago.

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  1. only tthat you have your sleepingbag and Pilgrimpassport, and the rest will take care of itself

  2. I love you! NO PLAN! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Breath in every inch as it come to you. The Camino takes on a life of its own and will foil you plans anyway. I sure that you have already learned that many wonders come your way when there is no plan to get in the way. “Oh I can’t do that because I have a plan!” We had not plan, did what we wanted, stopped when we wanted, and loved every minute of it. Oh and by the way leave “expectations” home with the “plan” you will be so happy you did. Buen Camino.

  3. Just enjoy the walk the country is beautiful. The little towns we went through were fantastic, so just walk
    And enjoy yourself eat and drink and laugh you will meet plenty of new friends. I now have friends in Scotland and the UK respect there customs and their way of life. We got a book with all the Alburgues and planned our walk every day depending on the weather we would walk 25klms everyday. You will be fine they are very friendly and very helpful people. They love the Pilgrims. The little cafes along the way sell breakfast lunch and all sorts of things. In some places it was very hard to get the Internet when we were in the big cities we would use it. Maybe you should plan each day as it comes the only thing we planned was which direction to walk as long as you follow the shells and the arrows you will be fine. Make sure you have plenty of water as there may be long distances between towns.

  4. That’a a perfect idea. I did the same. I just landed in St Jean (well, that sounds so simple, no I had been hanging around in Europe a couple of months and then flew to Biarritz from Paris). But anyway, just to be clear. I had no plan. Wasn’t even sure if I would head back home to the states or just keep traveling when I was done. The camino is really so simple, just follow the arrows and believe me if you can’t find one everyone in Spain seems to know the way. In my opinion, people put way to much planning into it.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on your freedom! Do not plan, enjoy what Camino brings, be open! The first Camnio I had my return ticket from Santiago booked, it pressed me to walk too much, too fast. I missed the people along the way, they stayed behind. The second time around it was a totally different Camino, no final date set, connect with fellow pilgrims. I think you are going to have a GREAT CAMINO without planning, and you are right – no, phone, no e-mails.

  6. Hello, As you see more of the pilgrims haven’t any plan, and it’s the most beautiful thing on Camino… You must feel free, enjoy every day that God has given you and believe St.James takes care about you …. Buen Camino

  7. I only planed the flight and train to Saint jean pied de port, 9 th may this year, nothing else!!!. i’ll see were i overnight the 35 day’s of walking, i will plan my flight or train back at the last day’s of my spiritual journey. because i am not sure if i will fly home or go by train. to book this things is possible in an internetcafe in Santiago.
    note that….I don’t hope but in case off accident in the beginning, it’s a loss if i booked my flight back already. For myself (i am a planner) this journey is also lesson in letting things go,
    Buen Camino

  8. Do not plan anything. I only planed my flight home and that I had to change because I stayed two weeks longer than I had planed in the beginning.
    Take it as it comes on the way and enjoy every day as it comes.
    I wish I was going again this year and I really envy you because you are going to have the best time of your live on the way.

    Bon Camino 🙂

    Sigga Kj. from Iceland

  9. The only plan a pilgrim should have is to get the official pilgrim’s guide and the one way ticket to Europe ( my choice is Paris where I stay a couple of days in a cheap hostel, visit the tower of Santiago in Rue st Dennis or even take a day trip to Chartres, where the first mysterious etapa began fro medieval pilgrims after living paris…from Paris to st jean by train and get the guide…then dont plan just follow the force Luke…..( I have known people planning…the last one became my wife, and then my ex wife) there is Spiritual connection to the planning excpet for very matter how much reason there is to it…because Reason has nothing to do with it…but rather Divine Providence

  10. About booking a flight when you arrive at Santiago, be careful! Back in 2007 I did it in an internet café near the Cathedral, and they stole my credit card numbers.

  11. I am really utterly sincerely surprised : I am a professional Camino- walker, 16.000 kms in 8 years, and I think one of the basic aspects of the experience is NOT planning, taking each day as it comes, in the moment, letting go of planning and control, this will give you so much, believen me. Enjoy, don’t plan, because the fantastic thing about the Camino and Spain is that this is possible. Buen Camino!

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