11 Replies to “Is it possible to go camping along the Camino de Santiago?”

  1. There not as many campsites on the Camino as hostels and they are farther apart. They would probably only be open in the warmer months. people I spoke to who carried tents wished they hadn’t bothered.

  2. so if im understanding this right, it’s pretty hard to do a camino with tents being the primary sleeping place rather than hostels?

    we’d really like to camp out if possible to save money. could we just find a random field? what is the general attitude towards doing that? i.e. is camping frowned upon in france/spain outside of marked areas? and is camping usually free in the designated areas?

    1. Last fall (2012) we walked from Le Puy, France to Muxia, Spain. In general I don’t recall seeing many camping areas along the way, nor did we meet many people with camping gear. However, in France we met a couple, he from the US, she from Germany, who were walking from Ley Puy to SJPP. They traveled with ultralight gear and only camped out, stealthily. They found fields or edges of woods, etc. and set up after others would have finished walking for the day. They said they were almost never spotted in their camping sites. I think they very occasionally would spend a night in a hostel to shower or wash clothes, but for the most part they camped. So it can be done!

  3. We are walking the Camino now with tent and we sure prefer it compared to sleeping in alberques/hostels. We don’t use camp places but we do stealth camping a bit away from the trail. I find it great sleeping in tent 🙂

  4. I am in the planning stages of the trip. It seems to me we have to define camping. Some think of designated campsites, with tables, restrooms etc. I am thinking of finding a flat spot, throwing up my 2 pound tent, sleeping and then walking early the next morning. I hear some people say that is doable. I am afraid I will not like the crowded, noisy hostels but expect to socialize along the trail and in restaurants etc. I suppose doing it this way, showers and clothes washing will be a challenge unless there are streams. Any comments?

    1. How did you get on with camping.. thinking about camping myself

  5. I would like to bring hammocks into the discussion here–I am planning to do the Caminho this year, and a hammock seems like a good, lightweight alternative to a tent for hanging up between two trees at certain points throughout the journey. I am hoping to do some nights in hammocks, and others in hostels–does this sound feasible? Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Hi. I have a dd super hammock. Thinking get about doing the same.. please let me know how you got on.. cheers

  6. Hi, I have a question, how is it with getting your stamps when you’re camping outside?

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