Is it possible to walk Via de la Plata in 30 days?

Via de la Plata in 30 days?

The question was:

I’m contemplating a May/June Camino. Would roughly 30 days be at all feasible to walk from Sevilla to Santiago? Seems to be quite the hustle as I’d have to average 35km per day.

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  1. You can try but I think it is too tall an order. Your body might decide to stop working together with you after about five days. Personally I would not even think about it for you will loose too much in the process.

  2. I took 42 days and that was way too fast!!   It’s meant to be enjoyable as well.

  3. I did manage it in 30 days but that was in November when the temperature was a LOT lower.  And that was too fast – next time I’m going to allow 35

  4. I managed it in 35 days starting in mid September. I probably could have done it in 30 if I’d been fitter but I had a foot problem in the first week and had to go slower and use up rest days.

  5. NO ! Well, obviously people have but I would not recommend it-do it in a couple of stages & you will gain far more from the Pilgrimage. Or take 6 weeks in one stint.

  6. In 2011 my wife and I had five weeks and went all the way to finisterra and had 2 days to spare!
    In 2006 we walked the Camino frances arriving I’ve Santiago on day 25, finisterra on day 28.
    You don’t tave to walk that fast either just be prepared to walk longer days.

  7. We where not alone on these two camiones a loot of people do big days!
    In 2007 on the GR65 through france we met a really nice man from Canada ” jack la cross”. We met him one day as he caught up with us and walked with home part of the next day. When we stopped for bathe day he walked on. That seldome happens to us, alas Jacknwas doing 45/50 km days. And he looked as fresh as a fiddle! What length of days are you doing in practice?

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