2 Replies to “Is my Backpack too small?”

  1. Friday: 06/24/2011

    I think your backpack is OK. The larger the back pack the more stuff & weight
    you add {it’s a natural law “like Gravity”}.

    Stick with your backpack & keep it very light {about 15% of your current body weight}.

    Buen Camino

  2. The size of your backpack is directly related to how much you think you need but beware, what you think you need is far from what you actually need. Just make sure you can fit the following critical items. Three tops. Trousers/pants/skirts. Undies. Rather large footwear to wear after a long day’s walk. Sleeping bag. Poncho for rainy days and a light warm jacket. Inflatable pillow and the bare minimum of toiletries. If your bag weigh more that 7kg then rethink the importance of  some items.

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