Is starting from Pamplona ‘cheating’?

Camino de Santiago Map

The question was:

I am starting my Camino on the 25th March. I have booked my train to Pamplona, arriving late Sunday evening, 24th March with a view to staying overnight in Pamplona and getting the train to Roncenvalles to start the camino on the Monday morning. However, I have booked my flights home from Santiago on the 28th April – and I am a little alarmed that I have now not given myself enough time to get from Roncenvalles to Santiago in only thirty-four days…

How flat is El Camino Frances? Is it do-able in only thirty-four days. I’m young (23) and quite fit, but for anyone, doing over 20 km per day for thirty-four days straight is quite a challenge…

Will it be ‘cheating’ for me to begin my Camino in Pamplona? Thus giving myself a bit of a headstart…?

I’m very excited about starting my Camino, but I reeeeally want to complete it in one go – and not end up having to catch any buses or trains along the route to ensure that I reach Santiago in time…

What do all you experienced Pilgrims think? How long did it take you guys, and how mountainous is the route?

Any advice would be much appreciated

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