Is the eurozone crises affecting the Camino?

The question was:

I’m wondering if the current economic troubles throughout the Eurozone have affected the Camino in any way you could identify. Fewer albuerges/inns open? Fewer pilgrims — or more? Food/supplies costs higher than in previous years? I’m trying to budget and plan for this summer, and wondered if/how things will be different than previous years.

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  1. It would be a shock to me if the current crisis has any effect on the Camino. In my opinion, the peregrinos equate to profits to all the enterprises along the way. there may be a nominal increase in the cost of the pilgrim menus and the albergues, but I can not believe it would be an increase that would deter anyone from making the trip of their lives. Buen Camino!!!!!!!

  2. i´mfrom spain, i did the Camino this summer, the prices are no espensive don´t worry is cheap is you sleep in albergues…BUEN CAMINO¡

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