Is there a mad rush for a morning shower on the Camino?

Is there a rush for a morning shower on the Camino?

The question was:

Question for the experienced ones….shower experiences? is there a mad rush in the mornings as many of us are accustomed to showering in the morning, or is it generally done when you check in in the afternoon, or both….lineups? what order? usual types butting in? Extra cost? No shower available? No hot water, etc…. :?:

Read the good advice on if (or if not) there is a rush to get a shower in the morning in the albergues on the Camino de Santiago.

6 Replies to “Is there a mad rush for a morning shower on the Camino?”

  1. I just got back from walking the camino from Sarria to Santiago.  I didn’t find a rush of people showing in the morning.  Showered and laundry upon arrival is what I found as the norm. 

  2. I do agree with Teresa; usually people take the shower right after the daily walk. Then you have to queue a bit.

    In the mornings everyone just do the needful things like pick up their equipments and have a little breakfast.

  3. I had the same experience: shower and laundery after arrival… and as arrivals are not at the same time… no worries!

  4. Like most, shower on arrival. I do like one in the morning and I did not have to wait as most people like to do so at night

  5. dude who has time to shower in the AM people are usually getting ready to have some desayuno y cafe con leche and off to the races

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