Is there a real reason for a bed race?


The question was:

There is much written about the shortage of beds on this forum; bed race, early leavers etc etc. Also, many people tell story’s about having heard or seen other people having a problem with finding a bed. But…actually I did not hear from anyone here or IRL that (s)he really didn’t find a bed him/herself and had to sleep outside. Two times I’ve asked on this forum about OWN experience, no one reacted…
I’ve done different camino’s but not the frances, never experienced a real problem myself. A friend who walked the frances different times of the year sometimes found a full albergue but never really had a problem either. She does even challenge this bed race with walking till late afternoon, not wanting to worry about this.

So, I’m really wondering about this bed situation and would like to know if it is just a fictional problem on which we can project our fear or if it is a real problem…
So please, if you had a real problem yourselves (not just a full albergue but hardly being able to find a bed and not heard from other people) I would like to read your experience. Also if you did not care about finding a bed and always found one too, I would like to know.

Read the interesting conversation on the Race for beds on the Camino de Santiago in our Camino forum.

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