Is there Internet access on the Camino de Santiago?


The question was:

In 2001 the internet access along the Camino was Ok in places and not so good in others. Any recent take on the availability of good cafe’s or other sites?

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  1. In 2012,
    – WiFi access seemed to be absolutely everywhere, including small cafes when you stop for coffee. Just buy a coffee and ask for the password. Almost all albuergues had WiFi and many restaurants, Of course, this means that you need to carry something that can connect and you can figure that out. Keep it simple. We saw a couple of iPads but my old iTouch worked perfectly. Just that it was impossible to type.
    – a machine where you can sit down and type was common enough but not everywhere. Usually took a 1 Euro coin. Some places that was good for 15 minutes, others, half hour. We ended up buying a small USB link that would read the camera card, and would allow you to upload pictures to a blog.
    – All the books said it was going to be difficult to charge devices but it was not. Everyplace we stayed had power strips all around and it was easy to get in line. Charge and turn off and it will hold for a few days. We deliberately turned the phone off during the day and there was a week where we just forgot to get on line.
    – Keep it simple. I had a kindle, an iTouch and a really small smart phone. Then I was carrying 3 chargers and an adapter. Plus the phone charger. The next time, I will leave the phone.

  2. I am on my sixth day on the Camino from St Jean, tonight in Viana. Internet access in the Albergues, especially the municipal ones is limited. This is only the second night we have been able to access from the Albergue but cafés and restaurants almost have it.
    The Camino is magical so don’t worry about it. Focus on your journey whatever that may be

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