2 Replies to “Is there Water everywhere?!”

  1. Why do you just speak about the French Way. Why don’t you advertise the “albergues” on the Primitive Way. It was the frst one and many people use it, too.

  2. Good to see the “albergues” on the Camino Francés. Remenber that was
    just the second one. The first St. James Way is the Primitive or North
    Way. By the time the grave was discovered Galicia as well as the whole
    northwest part of the Iberian Peninsula (Northern Portugal, León,
    Zamora, Northern Palencia, Northern Burgos, Cantabria, Basque Country
    and of course Asturias) belongued to the Asturian Kingdom. Asturian King
    Alfonso II the Chaste wanted to see what was discovered in HIS kingdom
    and went there. He was very religious. People started to imitate the
    king going along the Cantabrian Coast. Only centuries later did pilgrims
    start to go along the French Way, just when that area was also free
    from muslims. We would like to see information about the Primitive Way.

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