Jacket and Poncho or just Poncho?

Jacket and Poncho or just Poncho?

The question was:

I’ve got a long ‘altus type’ poncho (a thinner one), and was thinking of taking a cheap rain jacket as well to wear to keep the wind off and if it’s cold but not actually raining. I can’t imagine walking around in the long poncho unless it’s raining, and I don’t think it would be very warm. What do you think? Is two too much?

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4 Replies to “Jacket and Poncho or just Poncho?”

  1. I went with just a poncho and had to buy one like the one in the photo because with rain and wind the poncho flyes from one side to the other and you get completly wet. I think that’s up to the season you walk. I walked during june and need a raincoat that covers the mochila like the one in the photo plus rain long pants. In Galicia it was cold too, so under the raincoat I used a thick warm jacket too. Buen Camino!

  2. You need poncho for rain, also a jaket kind of not really water proof but a repelent one, ok for litle rain and warmy inside for cold weather.
    Buen Camino pilgrim.

  3. The poncho is enough…you will see that…anything else will be part of the things you had wished you never brought along….Pilgrims usually need less than they imagine

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