John Brierley

John Brierley
John Brierley

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I am returning to the Camino this year. I am just wondering does John Brierley have a new edition out this year for 2013?

Read this interesting conversation on John Brierley, his books and what he has done for the Camino de Santiago here.

  • Sylvie Hanes

    I just received the 2013 edition last week – – I used the 2011 for my Camino trip and found it ideal. It fits well in the side pockets of most packs, it has a good balance of info and maps – – an essential component of a successful Camino journey, in my opinion!

  • YES! I loved John Brierley’s guide. I stayed in hostels and Casa Rurals rather than albergues. I was very glad he had ample information about these!

  • pete

    How do you get from Madrid to St. Jean.