Looking for new footwear for the Camino

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Previously a boot wearer., but have read lots of favourable info on the forum regarding Hoka one ones and also Altra lone peak trail shoes .,
I intend to include a mission to REI when I visit USA in a couple of weeks. They both ‘sound’ comfortable., but I realise the bottom line., they will have to suit my feet.
I have short broad feet and tend to have a variety of foot problems on each camino . So I’ve usually researched each time and have tried a number of wide toe box boots. I’ve never been completely blister free even in my comfy Keens. Wearing Merrell moab non goretex mids., I developed corns between final toes, (I feel they were not quite wide enough for MY foot )..

I’ve recently been wearing (generally) Brooks Ghost trail runners and they are really comfortable but not sure how sturdy the soles would be on rocky terrain.
So… I will check out a selection at REI shortly (USA have a larger selection than Sydney, IMO).

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