More rain in May 2008 than whole of 2007 in Santiago de Compostela

This month it has rained every day in Santiago de Compostela, and we have not seen much sun at all.

This morning I heard on the radio that:

  • It has rained more in May 2008 than in the whole of 2007 in Santiago de Compostela.
  • It has not rained as much in May in almost 100 years as it has this May.
  • It is 15 years since we have seen less sun in May.
  • In May 2008 we had rain 23 days in a row!

Are you depressed yet? No?

El Correo Gallego reports that  “if it rains today we will have a record”. By the way it has rained all day… and indeed I think we have a record. Mid day yesterday Santiago had collected 168 liter/square meters this month, and with the rain today…

I need some sun… 🙂

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