Most read in August on the forum

Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela
  1. Josef Scheffler on Via de la Plata – In Memoriam
  2. Wanting to avoid all albergues
  3. What did you forget that you would bring with you the second time?
  4. Brierly or no Brierly..
  5. Stupid question
  6. New Graffiti in recently restored, Catedral de Santiago. Fachada de las platerias.
  7. Equipment for Chubby Girls (perhaps an ongoing guide)
  8. Recent Camino pilgrim deaths- August 2018
  9. Oh dear… cell phone app Iphone — Vodaphone — question and warning
  10. I think I’m ready, but I have a couple of questions…
  11. Priests Outside Castrojerez July 2018
  12. The One With The Most Money Wins
  13. Apparitions and other mysteries on your Camino
  14. What’s the craziest thing you have done to save weight?
  15. Flip flops in the shower
  16. Not getting it
  17. Pigs of Spain
  18. Flights – Carry on Rucksack
  19. The proper way ‘to go’
  20. If you had only one word …
  21. Light At The End of The Tunnel? 🙂
  22. Weight Loss
  23. Santiago this morning
  24. Clothes washing – what to use?
  25. Starting in April 2019 – avoiding crowds so we don’t have to pre-book