Most read on the forum June 2018

Pilgrims arriving to Santiago
  1. Disgruntled Pilgrims
  2. What to wear in bed?
  3. Teens – I’m Disheartened and Grouchy
  4. Stuff I was wrong about – And Trail Runners
  5. Peregrino Torture Tower
  6. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Pilgrim!
  7. bed bug information
  8. Anthony Bourdain, Mental Health, and the Camino de Santiago
  9. My parting thoughts on my camino
  10. Camino not for me?
  11. Calm Down
  12. Help selecting Boots for our Walk.
  13. Compostela or Passport: Which Means More to You?
  14. Angela from OZ and her graffiti
  15. Free meal
  16. The Meseta; Burgos to Leon
  17. No beds
  18. If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out
  19. WiFi or data
  20. Funniest Camino Picture
  21. Scam outside of Sarria
  22. Why we walk – and courage
  23. Warning! Flashers near Santander
  24. everyone should read this post
  25. Weather?

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  1. I will be doing the last 100km in August, I also will be having my bag transferred daily, is it best to have a larger backpack to be transferred or a rolling luggage? Im carrying a day pack each day while walking….Also, whats the weather like in August, do I need pants or will shorts work the entire time? Thanks so much

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