Music to keep you going on the Camino de Santiago

Music to keep you going on the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

Last year, when i was walking injured, i found that one of the things that kept me going was music. Especially music that made me want to sing and walk in tune, also because the change in gait that comes from bend knees actually releived my pain immensely.

So, this year I will make a playlist “to keep me going” just in case, but I need a little help on what to include.

Last years choice was ABBA, especially Voulevouz & super trouper have good walking rythm…

I am also thinking that Adele Rolling in the deep will be excellent and the same with Alicia Keys’ Empire state of mind (the Jay-Z version) will be a really good choice.

So, anyone have any suggestions along those lines, for songs that will make me dance my way to Santiago (similar beats) ?

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  1. I am hoping to find the sound track to the movie “The Way”…for some reason the music calms me and motivates me at the same time.

    1. You can find all of the tracks on YouTube as well …
      I don’t know if it’s possible to download the music from there … or if the quality is good enough. O.K. if you just want to listen to it online …

      The Way Soundtrack
      Composed by Tyler Bates.
      Music from the motion picture directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen

    2. You can get all the music from YouTube with a converter. I’ve done it and have the whole soundtrack on my phone. Coldplays “Lost” and Alanis Morrissette “Thank you” are not on the soundtrack but great additions.

  2. I have a walking playlist that also includes ABBA. So fun! I’ve found several others with old Beatles, Michael Bublé, Katy Perry, Doobie Brothers, Darius Rucker, Alabama. Crazy mixed up MIX and that’s what keeps it interesting for me. Buen Camino!

  3. I can only imagine (Mercy Me).. Redeemed (Big Daddy Weave),
    No Me Compares (Alejandro Sanz), Ai se te pego (Michel Telo)..
    .Grace Like Rain (Todd Agnew),..The spanish tunes help us learn spanish and the spiritual ones inspire our journey.

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