My family is joining me on the Camino, but where?

My family is joining me on the Camino, but where?

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My husband wants to do a portion of it with me- and i don’t know what portion I should have him do with me– the beginning or the end. I like the idea of him starting off with me, cause then he would be a part of the excitement of starting the camino and I would in some ways feel more comfortable that there were 2 of us finding our way from the U.S. to Madrid to SJPdP to get me started. However, in some ways it would be great if we could meet up to walk the end portion to celebrate the end and see the cathedral and then come home together. The only problem I can forsee is meeting up somewhere in the middle, although I am sure there are plenty of ways to stay in touch with each other to meet, if needed. Advice please on what others have successfully done

Read the good advice from veteran pilgrims on having family joining pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

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  1. Sarria is the best place to meet and actually is the only part of the camino Francés that counts to get the Compostela when you get to Santiago. Buen camino

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