My intended stages on the Camino Primitivo (14 days)

The forum member wrote the following:

I’m going to be walking the Primitivo from mid to late September. I was hoping that I could run my stages past you all for comment. Including the Camino Verde (crossing from Primitivo to Norte), I’m intending 14 days. I’ve read through some of the forums and staged it mostly on recommendations from others about their favourites albergues, stops or routes.

I have only 1 spare day at the end, in case I need an extra rest day during it (I’m counting the 13km day as a ‘rest day’ ), before I’m due to fly out of Santiago on 3rd October morning.

Stage/DayRouteDistance (km)
1​Oviedo to Paladin21.5​
2​Paladin to Cornellana18.7​
3​Cornellana to Bodenaya20​
4​Bodenaya to Samblismo31​
5​Samblismo to Berducedo via Hospitales22.8​
6​Berducedo to Castro27.1​
7​Castro to A Fonsagrada21.1​
8​A Fonsagrada to Castroverde35​
9​Castroverde to Lugo22.5​
10​Lugo to Friol (Verde)27.8​
11​Friol to Sobrado dos Monxes (Verde)27​
12​Sobrado dos Monxes to Boimorto (Norte)13​
13​Boimorto to Lavacolla (Norte)29​
14​Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostella10.2​

Though I have done multi-day hikes before, they’re not often with such long distances. I think my biggest training walks some months ago managed about 50-55km over 3 days, then 32km over 2 days. I do need to make training walks within the next month a more regular exercise though!

I’ve also mostly relied on Liz Brandt’s resource for distances and my main source of information, along with Elle Bieling’s amazing website! Not sure if I need to get a specific guidebook, or if there are enough waymarks to find my way?

My questions are:
1) Are the above stages realistic? I am a little concerned about the 35km day… but have tried to mix up the longest days with moderate days around it.
2) I’ve heard some comments about ‘bed races’. Have the towns I’ve picked got enough albergue beds that I may not need to walk to the next town in case I arrive a little later?
3) Any other feedback/suggestions you might want to make?

Thanks all. I’m getting so excited and can’t wait to be there. 

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