One comprehensive and honest packing list for the Camino de Santiago

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Pack list for the Camino de Santiago

This post is not a question, but rather one pilgrim sharing her packing list and other pilgrims comments on here choice. Her post was:

Hi all – I read a lot of packing lists when I was preparing for the camino, but none of them seemed quite as long as mine ended up being once I’d itemised every single thing, weighed it and added it to my spreadsheet! I thought my list might be of interest or use to some other forum members – see attachment.

I have to add, as you can see I took a bunch of things that many would disapprove of, such as makeup, an ipod and kindle, and not one but TWO dresses! But I also managed to keep my weight down by shopping carefully for lightweight essentials and making a couple of lightweight items myself (I’m a sewer). I ended up using absolutely everything I took and was, to be honest, thrilled to be able to listen to music sometimes (I even discovered that you can listen to an ipod and birdsong *simultaneously*!!) and look vaguely stylish in the evenings. I didn’t have any trouble at all with my pack and most of the time was barely even conscious of having it on. My advice to newbies, therefore, is actually that if you really want to take the odd luxury and can squeeze it in while keeping to a reasonable pack weight, go for your life!

I also highly recommend the somewhat crazy act of making a weight spreadsheet like mine and using it as a planning tool. I chose a weight I was comfortable with, categorised everything as either essential or luxury, and then pared down a few things from my list until I hit my target weight.

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