One happy pilgrim share her Camino de Santiago

In love with the Camino

Not really a question, but a short post from a pilgrim that has fallen in love with the Camino de Santiago.

Just wanted to check in and say this has been the most consistantly wild and wonderful journey, I am now in villafranco, missing so many pilgrims that have walked in, out, and with me…so in love with so many..and incredibly blessed..hard to believe only 7-8 days until Santiago, soaking it all in..I never could have imagined, been crying because my heart is so full..and overflowing..with joy and healing..taking it slow and enjoying every minute…may all pilgrims past present and future be blessed..

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  • Woelflein

    Thank you very much for that. My eyes got all dewy remembering my times and experiences on the different caminos. Enjoy it, take it all in (don’t worry if you can’t – I’m sure you’ll be back someday) and have a good, productive and meaningful time.

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