ONE thing I wish I had taken, ONE thing I wish I had NOT…

The question was:

Hi everyone, I’m off to SJPP May 18th to walk up to Santiago. I’m in the final stage of deciding which items I’ll definitely take and which ones will have to stay… Just wondering what people who have already done the walk, or who are in the middle of it, have to say… in retrospect

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  1. The only ear plugs that work for me is the silicone ones. They are truly the ONE thing I could not do without. On my last Camino, Camino Portuguese, I can’t tell you how many people I took to Pharmacies and helped them buy the silicone earplugs. Next time, I am going to take a dozen and give them away to sleepless Pilgrims!

  2. Advil PM… helps your aches and pains from walking and keeps you sleeping through all the snoring and night noises. I took 2 every night. I could have done without extra books. There’s not much time to read and they were just extra weight.

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