New routes to Dublin and Liverpool starting April 1st

El Correo Gallego has story today about how both Aerlingus and Ryanair will re-open the routes from Santiago de Compstela that they closed down earlier this year.

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Announcing the 4th Annual Camino Pilgrim Gathering in Victoria (Canada)

Canadian Company of Pilgrims – Victoria Branch – Pilgrim Gathering on Saturday, March 8th, 2008 at Burnside Gorge Community Centre in Victoria. 9:30-5pm.

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A Hospitalero Training Course, London Ontario (Canada)

April 18 to Sunday to April 20, 2008


In November 2007 Mary Virtue and Tom Friesen offered a very successful hospitalero training here in Victoria. They are offering the same training again in London ON in April 2008. To help spread the word about this next hospitalero training we would ask that you forward it on to any fellow pilgrims you may know in the Ontario region.

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During the recent server move the site had to endure, I realized that the company that I registered the domain back in the day, had taken over the ownership of the domain (!). They did not respond to e-mails that I sent trying to find out what the situation was.

So I decided, to heck with it, and created a new domain. . Nothing will change, the forum is the same, and as you can see I have created a blog-type front page.

Santiago-today was not really a good name for our community anyway. The site has become about more than only Santiago. I think bad customer service from my domain registrar (or lack of customer service) actually was for the better. The new name is more descriptive, and it is easier to understand what the site is about when you read it.

Oh, one thing. Update your bookmarks and links on your web pages. should start to work some time Sunday morning. This last few days has been stressful for me. I hope that this will put an end to all the technical problems we have had lately, and that we can focus once again on the important things in life….

… like the Pilgrimage to Santiago….. for example 🙂