Last week’s most popular topics (Feb. 11th 2017)

Last week’s most popular topics.

Traveling to/from the camino
Confiscated by security

Equipment Questions
Dangers of Walking Poles

Equipment Questions
Is a laptop a good idea?

Camino Frances
First stamp?

Equipment Questions
Pack weight question

Equipment Questions
Useful item but hard to justify in your pack

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Scientific Proof That Bag Rustling is Painful

Camino Frances
Any idea whether it is possible to walk the Napoleon route on this year around April 19th?

Camino Frances
Intro and question about mass…

Equipment Questions
Umbrella or not?

Equipment Questions
Water carried — how much is enough?

Equipment Questions
Gloves, to take or not to take…

Via de la Plata
Thoroughly inconsistent!

Camino Frances
Holy Week

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Camino Vocabulario

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
CF surprises?

Miscellaneous Topics
Any credit cards?

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Experiences and SJPP to Santiago de Compostela?

Camino Frances
Backpack storage?

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Which guide is your favorite?

Miscellaneous Topics
Altus Poncho Observations

Camino de Santiago Podcast
To Podcasters

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Suggestions please

Gear for Sale – Gear Needed
Two Altus ponchos (unused) for sale

Camino Frances
Waiting is torturous!

Equipment Questions
Frogg Toggs!

Equipment Questions
Where can I buy permethrin spray in Holland?

Camino Frances
Coming back to complete or start again?

Miscellaneous Topics
Winter routes

Other Pilgrimage Routes
From Cluny to Le-Puy-en-Velay

Camino Portugues – Coastal Route from Porto
Coastal Portuguese route

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Type of Tree

Miscellaneous Topics
Walking and housingCamino with a service dog

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Newbie Questions

Medical issues on the pilgrimage
Being pregnant on the Camino?

Camino Portugues
Galician bagpipes play Thunderstruck (AC/DC)

Camino Frances
I’m Back

Finisterre and Muxia route albergues, pensions and
A good place to stay in Negreira, or just beyond

Miscellaneous Camino Frances topics
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles Carry on Compatible?

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Saint Jean pied De port to Roncesvalles in two days

Even though fit and used to walking long distances I am far too realistic to think that I can walk to Roncesvalles in one day without risking injury or strain . Jumping off an international flight and starting to walk the next day just screams eagerness induced injury to me . An overnight at Orisson is the obvious answer but my travel plans may fluctuate and flying from Australia allows for far too many variables to be able to make and use a firm booking .
The shuttle from Orisson back to…

Saint Jean pied De port to Roncesvalles in two days

The ferry between Caminha, Portugal and A Guarda, Spain summer 2015…gosto-del-ferry-que-une-a-guarda-con-caminha/

Google translation:
The ferry -boat linking the town of A Guarda Portugal Caminha villa set times in July and August.

This transport , which connects Galicia with Portugal, the Minho river , work all week .

Monday through Friday from Portugal the ferry will go from 9 ( Spanish time ) at all hours in point except at 14:00 hours until 21:00 hours. Moreover , the outputs from A…

The ferry between Caminha, Portugal and A Guarda, Spain summer 2015