Pilgrim Tip: The Packlist

One of the most asked questions in our pilgrim forum is the question:

What should I bring with me?

One of our forum members, atlanticheart, suggested the following packlist and got a lot of feedback on it.

Suggested pack list: (For other pilgrims comment on this list, have a look here)

Weight is in (grams).

Backpack (700)
Sleepingbag (400)
1 T-shirt (100)
1 pair of zip-offs (314)
Underwear (90)
2 pairs of thick socks (80)
2 pairs of thin socks (40)
1 very light rainset (270)
1 fleece (400)
1 pair of shoes + flipflops (600)
1 quick-drying towel (100)
1 litre water (1000)
some food, snacks (300)
toothbrush, toothpaste (40)
schampoo bar (60)
basic medical kit (200)
muscle rub (60)
sun block (50)
safety pins
small flashlight (80)
charger for mobile (160)
bellypouch (300)
purse, passport, tickets (200)
swiss army knife (50)
camera (140)
charger for camera (125)
camera bag (35)
mobile (80)
notebook+pen (240)
pilgrim guidebook (152)
walking sticks (560)

In addition to this, i’ll be wearing an extra set of clothes, hiking boots.

In backpack, I’ll be carrying 6,5kg
and in the bellypouch 0,83kg
So, all in all that’s 7,3 kg…
The clothes I wear come up to 1,56kg

What did our forum members think of this pack list? Have a look here.