Pilgrims office still busy

As we know, august is the big vacation month in Spain and therefore most Spaniards walking the Camino do it this month.

The line at the pilgrims office today around 11.45 was quite long, but this is also the peak time of the day to get your compostela, since most pilgrim walk into town around that time.

The weather today in Santiago is overcast with a bit of sun. About 20c.

Perfect pilgrim weather.

2 Replies to “Pilgrims office still busy”

  1. I’ve kept this quiet till now, but as I won’t be in Compostela for a while now, here’s the secret of getting your credencial stamped at the Pilgrim Office and receiving your Compostela quickly.

    Leave the midday pilgrim Mass as soon as you have received communion. Everyone else will be hanging around hoping for the Botafumeiro to go into action. Even if it doesn’t, you’ve got a headstart! It’s forty seven seconds from altar rail to Pilgrim Office and at that time there’s no queue so you can run up the stairs!


  2. By the way, if you stop by the pilgrims office in the afternoon (they are open until 21.00), you will find a lot less people. I was there today at about 17.00, and there was about 10 people in line.


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