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I will be doing my first Camino in September. I am an organised person, and I have been organising this journey for some time. I like to know what’s coming up, and plan for it.

But come the time when I take my first steps from SJPP, I want to let go. I want to let the path take me where it will. I don’t want to know what’s ahead. I want the way to surprise me. What excites me about doing the Camino is the thought of letting go…

Am I crazy?

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3 Replies to “Planning your Camino – about letting go”

  1. I too am also planning my first Camino this year. From a logistical point of view I think I will start from Pamplona about 27th 28th Aug. I am in the process of carefully preparing but once I set off I want the experience to envelope me and to go with the flow so to speak! So no, I don’t think you are crazy…but if you are then there is a possibility I am too! Buen Camino.

  2. Like you, I did a great deal of preparing for the Camino and, happily, I was well prepared. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can prepare you for what you will experience the first day walking up out of SJPP. 1 hour into it I was asking myself just what the hell I thought I was doing?!?!? An hour later I was crying tears of gratitude as the beauty and the emerging freedom overtook me. Once you start walking, you will let go and the Camino will take over. I am returning again this summer, but I will always envy those who start for the first time … enjoy!!!

  3. No, you aren’t crazy… this is amazing to let the path take you where it will.. it is the very essence of Camino … so Buen camino to you !

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