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Pack List for the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

We are planning on slowly walking Leon to Santiago (or Finisterre if we have time) from September 7 to 30. Proposed packing list is as follows, but I have some questions and do NOT want to carry any more than we need to. Please tell us if we could leave anything behind (bearing in mind that we will then have two weeks in England when we finish and I’m guessing it might be getting a bit cool there by mid-October)
2x shorts
1x long pants
2x t-shirts
1x long-sleeved shirt
Light fleece jacket
Rain jacket
3x undies
4x socks
2x bras for the females
Keens sandals
????thermal longjohns and thermal long sleeved top??????
Also, our youngest children have grandpa-made custom-sized thin microfleece sleeping bag liners – do you think they will need a sleeping bag aswell – if we can reduce their weight it would be ideal. Could they get by without a sleeping bag at all, or should they take one to share between two (they can top-n-tail on a bed)? I’m just not sure about how cold it will get at night (of course, they could wear all their clothes!!!)
Finally, I’ve read on this forum that the cooking facilities through Galicia are not as good as the rest of the Camino. Does that mean we are not going to be able to cook for ourselves? Or will we be able to if we carry a bowl and spoon for everyone and a sharp knife? Would we get by with that? (We’re hoping to do at least some of our own cooking)
Thanks for your words of wisdom.

EDITED TO ADD: One more question – do we need to carry pegs/clothespins?

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  1. Hi there – I did exactly that stretch last September.  From what you have listed, I’d suggest you ditch the long trousers – or have 1xshorts and 1x zip off long pants.  I used a poncho rather than a jacket – it covered me and my pack – also, when it rained (and it did – for 2 days solid), the poncho doesn’t get wet around the shoulders as a jacket does.  Presume you’re going to wear walking shoes/approach shoes – to do the walk in sandals means wet feet and/or lots of sores from little stones.  You don’t need sandals and flipflops.  Certainly don’t need thermals.  A lightweight 1/2 season sleeping bag is ideal – it can get cool – and clothes tend to be either be worn or washed/drying.  I also took a lightweight silk liner.  Most cooking facilities – were adequate for what you prepare in an evening – though a folding knife wouldn’t go amiss.  You have to remember that the load gets heavy – and every little counts.  I didn’t bother with a clothes line – or pegs.
    There’s a fairly long climb up O’Cerbreiro – how old/big/strong are your children?  Who’s carrying the loads?  There are bag carrying services – perhaps you won’t want to use for the whole walk – but consider for the longer/higher stretches.  Above all – enjoy – and do try to get to Finisterre – even if you have to bus it out – it’s wonderful.

    1. thank u for your advices:) I will go in the end on May..hope to be wonderful…

  2. I would go with just the zip off trousers, they turn into shorts anyway, no point bringing two. wash and wear..

    As a woman we can get away with less actually 😉 I had one set of walking clothes, and one dress for the evening. I would wash my walking clothes and they would dry while I was wearing the dress sleeping/drinking/eating. I had runners for walking in and flip/flops for the evening to give your feet an air out. I wouldn’t walk in them though.

    if you are going to England for two weeks afterwards, DO NOT bring extra, just buy the clothes in England! They have shops there! You will end up throwing out thermals and long sleeved t-shirts out of frustration and end up having to buy them in England anyway. save yourself the hassle and your knees!

    I would advise taking a really light summer sleeping bad and a liner, they are really light and tidy, but it can get cold at night.

    Buen Camino!

  3. I’m planning to do the same walk at the same time. I wasn’t planning to take a sleeping bag, but just a silk liner. Will that be sufficient since there are blankets in the hostels? I was planning to take one pair of zip off trousers and a kanga (cotton square) to wear as a skirt for when the trousers are drying. Surely two pairs of socks are enough. And should I take waterproof trousers? Otherwise my list if very similar though without the thermals, tevas and walking shoes, camping towel, ear plugs, camara and mobile phone and very lightweight, silk nightdress.

  4. Although I have not yet walked the Camino, I have hiking experience. I agree with convertible pants rather than both sorts and pants. I would recommend base layer pants and top rather than thermals. While more expensive, they are lighter weight, not as bulky, warmer, and more versatile.The base layer work very well with convertible pants with legs zipped on or off. The base layer top layers easily as well. They make great pajamas!

  5. Hi …. I have been walking the camino 2 times and I always send some clouths to Santiago before I start walking and when you are finish walking pick up you packed in the postofice… so now problem if you whant some extra clouth in England.. Buen camino…

  6. No shorts, just two pairs zip off pants. Make sure those t-shirts are quick-dry fabric, NOT cotton. Cotton won’t dry fast enough to be dry in the morning from your evening wash. Poncho rather than rain jacket.
    POLES!! As an older walker, I highly recommend walking poles! Two, one makes you unbalanced. Buen camino!

  7. Our first time walking the camino. How apart are the villages or rest areas with in between? Is there any rivers or lakes that i can fish out of? is it possible to camp out and cook or it is not necessary.

  8. Ok main question is who, how, where do we start. Have heard of this camino for the past year and still we dont know how to even begin. Do we fly into where?, who will guide us to the start..
    Where is a good place to start from? we have 20 days to enjoy el camino. We can handle hot weather, not a fan of cold but can deal with it. Is may a good month ?
    I hope Im making sense :p i appreciate honest answers and suggestions. Thank you joe and lulu.

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