Pros & Contras of Camino de Invierno vs Frances

One pilgrim asking since she is not sure what camino will be the next one. 

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I will need to inform pilgrims about the pros & contras of Invierno vs Frances and I have never walked the Camino de Invierno and I would appreciate a lot your help with this!!

If you were in Ponferrada, in May, and a pilgrim asks you about the advantages / disadvantages of taking Invierno, what would you say?

From what I saw, it seems that in Winter there are quite fewer pilgrims, it will be a little more expensive due to the lack of albergues (average 20/25 Euro / day for accommodation), Winter is about 60 km longer than Frances …. and that’s all I know. Do you have any other clues to help the pilgrim make a decision?

If the pilgrim finally decide to take Invierno, any important advice?

If the pilgrim finally decides to take Invierno: Do you have any important advice? Alternative caminos? Places you can’t miss? etc.

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