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The question was:

Hi there, I am new to the forums and an planning on going down the French route later this year. I am also admitting to being a fanatic when it comes to research. I am going to build a blog that details every step including equipment and will draw heavily from this forum (with credit naturally to each person) and once I have a complete list, will put it up here as well with follow ups of things I should i have found out before hand

Now, I am an avid photographer with a beautiful SLR camera that goes everywhere with me. However, given I’ve never done an extended trip like this,

1. should i take an slr camera with me
2. I shoot in raw (250 pictures per 2GB card), should i take 3-4 SD cards? Is that too many/few?
3. I hate leaving pictures on SD cards *should* something happen. Is there a convenient way to burn them on to DVD?
4. If I carry an SD card reader, can i upload pictures from an internet cafe (i.e. are internet cafes easily at hand)
5. Should i buy an extra rechargeable battery for the thing?
6. is there any slr equipment anyone carried that i should keep in mind?
7. any thoughts/inputs will be appreciated

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  1. When my daughter and I did our Spain/France trip at the beginning of the year…we both took our cameras….I took about 400 photos..and I believe she took a few thousand!….you can always bring a bunch of extra SD cards and keep them in a zipbaggy…or even consider using internet cafes to transfer your photos if you are worried.

  2. I enjoy photography and have a great DSLR. However, for the Camino I took a lightweight, compact, digital pocket camera…and I’m glad I did. I was very careful to keep the weight I carried to a minimum. The Panasonic Lumix I took produced excellent results. IMO, the weight and bulk of a DSLR with a image stabilized, telephoto lens would have been a unnecessary burden.

  3. 1. Yes. DSLRs weigh a lot and while they take fabulous photos, they are an object that you absolutely have to keep on your person 100% of the time. I met a few people, professional photographers, that had theirs stolen. An SLR is much more sensible unless you have a particular need for the DSLR. Let’s fave it too, SLRs take great pictures these days. Mine were gorgeous on my own SLR.

    2. This really depends on how much of a shutter bug you are. I took over 100 pictures some days, and none on others. I went back through and deleted shots that I didn’t love of course. One thing to remember is that you won’t be able to upload the photos, especially RAW. Internet speeds are too slow. Make sure you bring any extras with you. They are expensive to purchase in Spain.

    3. In some places there are net cafes that might be equipped to do this, but I wouldn’t count on it. Also consider that DVDS are fragile and you will need to carry them in your pack which will get pretty beat up.

    4. No, net is too slow. I had intended on uploading my photos everyday/every few days using the numerous computers in albergues, but try as I might, it was pretty impossible, especially in RAW.

    5. This was unnecessary for me. Unless you’re taking an incredible amount of video, you’ll be able to charge your camera every night. Make sure you bring a converter for your charger though if you’re from the US.

    6. I carried the camera, charger, and extra memory cards. I had a case with me, but more often than not I kept the camera in the front hip pocket of my pack or my pocket when I didn’t have my pack. The case was just too much trouble.

    7. I think that’s it!

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