Questions from an “SLR Camera” pilgrim


The question was:

Hi there, I am new to the forums and an planning on going down the French route later this year. I am also admitting to being a fanatic when it comes to research. I am going to build a blog that details every step including equipment and will draw heavily from this forum (with credit naturally to each person) and once I have a complete list, will put it up here as well with follow ups of things I should i have found out before hand

Now, I am an avid photographer with a beautiful SLR camera that goes everywhere with me. However, given I’ve never done an extended trip like this,

1. should i take an slr camera with me
2. I shoot in raw (250 pictures per 2GB card), should i take 3-4 SD cards? Is that too many/few?
3. I hate leaving pictures on SD cards *should* something happen. Is there a convenient way to burn them on to DVD?
4. If I carry an SD card reader, can i upload pictures from an internet cafe (i.e. are internet cafes easily at hand)
5. Should i buy an extra rechargeable battery for the thing?
6. is there any slr equipment anyone carried that i should keep in mind?
7. any thoughts/inputs will be appreciated

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