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We are walking from Leon in May. I’ve read it can be VERY rainy….would appreciate suggestions on how to stay dry and where in the U.S. to purchase. We have Gortex jackets and rain pants, but that might not be the best? thanks for advice. :D

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  1. Your Gortex jacket and pants are fine if they are not too bulky or heavy..then all you need is a backpack cover. I saw several pilgrims using jackets/pants and several using the poncho’s….i really think it’s a personal choice…they both work well

  2. We are also walking in early May and nervous about encountering too much rain. I find conflicting information about weather conditions in early May. Anyone have recommendations on what we might expect?

    1. rain is mostly around Galicia… the rest of the camino is dry and if it rains is short and rare…nothing to worry about…but Galicia could be days ( I have walked with 9 days of rain…is part of the experience and something that we dont notice after a while…a pilgrim has walked over 300 mile by the time he or she reaches Galicia….so rain is not really anb obstacle at that point ( the body and mind become fit by themselves without our minds :))

  3. Good quality, light weight, jacket, trousers and boots are fine. Good rucksack cover and/or dry sacs. Some people love capes but I’m not a fan. Personal preference again.

  4. What I used for rain gear, was a plastic poncho made for back packers.. short in the front and wide in the back to fit over the back pack. I forget the brand, as mine was a gift from a Belgian pilgrim…but it could be found in camping stores..that is basically what anyone would need,,,most of the rain is around the Galician mountains…I did 9 days straight of rain in ’95…it was sunny in ’91 but it rained a lot again in ’96…I miss it…walking with rain is fun as opposed to general thinking…but you need the poncho rain cover that I just mentioned

  5. Is it just rain or do folks walk when it is lightning out too? Or maybe that area doesn’t have thunderstorms?

  6. I just kept a small umbrella in a side pouch. Something I could whip out at a moment’s notice if it started to drizzle. Obviously it won’t protect your backpack or clothes if it’s torrential, but it makes you feel dry and protected. I passed a lot of pilgrims who said, “why didn’t I think of that?”

  7. Used an Altus Poncho that has a hump in the back to cover the backpack, worked like a champ. Ordered while in US then had it mailed to the Hostal where we will be starting from (after contacting them first). (Costs something like 16 euros to have it mailed to the US.) The two ponchos were waiting for us when we arrived to start our Camino. Buen Camino

  8. They sell the Altus poncho in the well-equipt shop in St. Jean, and the prices are reasonable for all their equipment.

  9. I’m taking a poncho made by frogg toggs. Light, waterproof, very breathable.

  10. I have light waterproof over trousers and a poncho – do I need to bring my rucksack cover, which is separate? I’m walking from Saria, beginning 9 May 2013.

  11. I thought I would be walking through Spring…. But the poncho I bought in Saint Jean Pied de Port for 40Euro was worth its weight in gold. Wait till you get there. Seriously, it’s all heaps cheaper there – and the closer you get to Santiago, the cheaper it gets.
    You will need it

  12. I walked from Leon to Santiago in May 2013. It rained about half the days we were on the trail. I wore a poncho, which would fit over my pack. It worked out great. I would roll my shirt sleeves up when raining, and roll them back down when it quit.

  13. I prefer a pocket size lightweight umbrella to poncho. Umbrella is easier to carry and opens promptly as against other weatherproofs. Both Poncho and umbrella keep you dry underneath while none of the two can be used on a windy day. This is when I switch to waterproof clothing. To avoid hypothermia go slow when wearing waterproof clothing to reduce accessive perspiration. I came across no brand which keeps 100% dry, and I ve almost tried them all. Ensure backpack has a weatherproof cover otherwise it may become too heavy to carry. Extra Clothing / sleeping bag should always be stored in watertight bags even when backpack is guaranteed waterproof.Try Sealskin socks when walking in the rain with non waterproof trainers or sandals. Buon camino

  14. I bought an altus poncho in SJPP when we arrived and it was the best buy I made of all my gear with the exception of my backpack (GossamerGear Mariposa). I LOVED it even though last year May was lovely to walk … only one day of rain and not very much even then. I use the poncho on our sailboat now and it is amazing … the length keeps me dry AND warm as the wind on the water can have quite a chill to it, but with my poncho on I am toasty. The only comp[laint I have is with the hood … way way way too big and floppy … when I put it on I have trouble seeing side to side and it keeps falling down over my eyes … tightening the cinch doesn’t help much so I generally don’t use it … but the poncho itself is so good otherwise I actually don’t mind that the hood is basically useless.

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