Restaurant in Santiago: Casa Felisa

Casa Felisa is a restaurant and a Pension, located a few hundred meters from the cathedral. I have not stayed in the pension, but the restaurant is a great choice for a nice dinner, especially during the summertime.

Casa Felisa does look like any bar from the outside. A small door that looks like it goes into a small bar-like environment. Nothing special.

But then when you enter the bar, there is a door in the back that opens up into a beautiful garden with seating for about 60-70 people.

Prices of a main course starts at about €7 and goes up to about €13-€14 making it possible to have a nice dinner for under €20,-. They have a lunch menu for about €10-€12.

Excellent food and great environment!

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2 Replies to “Restaurant in Santiago: Casa Felisa”

  1. Stayed a couple of times at Casa Felisa.First time in October 2007 when unfortunately there were some other guests who were very noisy and again in May this year after finishing the Camino when we had a great time. Good budget accommodation close to the Cathedral and good food in the restaurant with local specialties.

  2. Got to experience it this July and I must say I was so delighted when I walked through its bar and out back to a charming garden. The food was delicious. It helped that I was there with JW who knew this little secret place and knew just what to order. Try the berberechos.

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