Roncesvalles: albergue or youth hostel?

The question was:

Will hopefully start in Roncesvalles in April. The albergue looks quite huge and anonymous. So my preference goes towards staying the night in the youth hostel. Do any of you have specific recommendations about these two places?

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  1. I reached Roncesvalles last April, about the 12th I think it was, and, still fresh into my pilgrimage, really enjoyed the experience. I attended the mass and though non-catholic was very moved by the blessing that I and my fellow pilgrims received.
    The albergue is very large, I agree, but it was the obvious choice, and again, was a very positive, memorable experience, becoming part of my framework of reference, against which the many, varied experiences ahead of me could be weighed.
    A silly thing.. I asked the lovely (Danish?) woman who checked me in about security of belongings, etc., and she re-assured me, saying that the only thing she ever took particular care of were her walking sticks, a tempting target! So she got into the habit of tucking them away under her mattress.. and so I did too, even though I doubted that my trusty chestnut staff would appeal to anyone but me!

  2. This albergue was absolutely fine,very clean, with with good facilities…..well,for saying that,it was 18 months ago. It holds around 120 bunks, and there were two informative pleasant chaps running it.Not a problem at all….there are many a lot worse on the Camino! Have a fantastic walk!

  3. You’ll be missing quite an experience if you don’t stay at the albergue. When I stayed in 1999 we spent the night in a 12th century monastery with about 50 bunk beds, The walls are made from huge granite stones and the atmosphere is like, well a monastery. Mass is at 1800 and you eat on your own in the village. It is worth it and a great way to start your pilgrimage.

  4. go to the albergue, on the whole camino are albergues.
    And it’s the place where you meet the community of pilgrims to talk together about camino experience after walking.

  5. hi
    Defenitely the Alberque. This is where you meet a lot of people whom you will see for many days to come. run by dutch people, very very friendly.

  6. The glory of the Camino is that noone is anonymous. Stay at the Albergue and begin as you want to continue, on a road that has been covered by pilgrims, each of whom has a story and a goal. Let yourself be taken by the spirit and you’ll have a great trip.

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