Safety for women walking alone

Many women are now planning to walk the camino, and some are worried with the fact that they will be traveling alone.

So is it safe to walk alone?

We have a good thread in the forum that deals with this in our “Camino Crime” section.

Here is part of one of the responses:

I understand your concern. You are taking a big step into the unkown. However, I want to reassure you that you really do not have anything to worry about. The camino frances is very popular in September and you will not actually be on your own unless you want to be. If you want there will be other singles with whom you can team up with on the first few days in order to reassure each other until you start to relax and gain confidence. If you set off from the albergue at 7.30ish you will usually always have someone in sight both ahead and behind you. I never heard of anyone having any problems.

Read the rest of this thread here to get comments from many pilgrims, many of them women that have walked alone.