Scared of dogs?


A pilgrim recently wrote in the forum:

So I’ll be walking this June/July, going the Ourense route, hiking solo. Here’s the thing: I am *TERRIFIED* of dogs. (I was bitten when I was little.). Everyone says, “Carry a stick with you for the dogs.” OK, great. What do I *do* with the stick???

Read more about being Scared of dogs on the Camino  here in or Camino forum. 

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  1. This is a true statement. Dogs will find you, but certain months are worse than others. I went in April / May and it really wasn’t that bad, I hear August is the worst. They are part of the journey, I would recommend the stick as protection. You can also bring dog treats to calm the dogs down, this works too. The Camino is about facing Fears and leaning into that which may be uncomfortable. You will do great! Growth is in front of you!

    1. please do not do this, just yell at them if you absolutely think you will be bitten.

      1. You can yell if you want but it doesn’t always work. You need to evaluate each doggy encounter and react accordingly. Some dogs can be startled by yelling, waving or throwing something at them. Hard cases need more convincing like a good smack with a stick. I’m not saying that you should harm the dog but pain can be a great persuader.

        Don’t be afraid to use your trekking pole for protection.

  2. ~ I walked the Camino solo as well. I had also read about dogs in the Camino and I was a bit concern but I have to tell you that I have never seen so many well-behaved dogs in my life. I saw many dogs and took pictures and videos of them, they were on a leash, walking with pilgrims, on their own, sleeping, etc. but NONE of them were aggressive. In fact, they are so used to seeing “pilgrim” that they don’t do a good job as “watch dogs” anymore. Please, enjoy your Camino, take care of your body, mind and soul and if a dog approaches you, talk and share your food with him.

    Buen Camino!

  3. In my experience in the Camino, the problem are not the dogs, – like their owners the Spaniards, they are very friendly- , the problem is the pilgrims who steal the friendly dogs along the camino for company, and once they get to Fisterra, they abandon them there. So selfish!! Don’t worry about dogs, usually the ones that bark at you are just doing their job as watch dogs and are always tied or inside private properties.
    There are hardly any astray dogs along the camino.
    Buen camino pelegrino~

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