Should I bring a camera or not on my Camino de Santiago?


The question was:

[…] One thing that’s *not* going in my pack is a mobile phone, and I’m seriously considering skipping on the camera too. It’s mainly for weight reasons (not that I won’t be packing a little luxury or two;), but I’m not a huuuge picture-taker. I’d love to hear from other pilgrims that have walked camera-less. Did you find yourself wishing you’d brought one?

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  1. I took four cameras which resulted in 5000shots. I calculated the weight as part of what I would carry. Photography is a spiritual practice for me, so being on pilgrimage while looking at the world thru a viewfinder brings me closer to the beauty, awe, mystery and light of the divine.

  2. You need a camera, no matter how simple it is.  Weight not that big of issue. How else are you going to share your great experience on the Camino with friends and family? Buy them a ticket to see “The Way”?

  3. Certainly wouldn’t recommend anything bulky but a quality compact allowed me to capture some superb scenes to share with family and friends on the blog I wrote along the way. For me, was essential, but had to be lightweight (Sony Cybershot 16M).

    1. Hi Neil! 2 years later, and I have just bought the same camera, but the current 18.2M version, with video camera and panoramic shot. It weighs 166g without the battery. The other one I looked at was a Canon (can’t remember the model), which was a 12.something M, but with brilliant light sensors, but it weighed 233g. Enough to go for Sony over Canon? Maybe if I wasn’t walking 800km…

  4. A small good quality one that won’t eat batteries or a mobile phone will lens. You don’t have to phone people!

  5. My best Camino was ” years ago ” without-a-camera !!! So ….go walking / caminoing !!!

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