2 Replies to “Should I bring my DSLR camera on the Camino de Santiago?”

  1. A DSLR camera is only a must if you want to take professional photos of the very old churches and buildings. Else it becomes a difficult item to carry and to take care of. I used one on the short Camino from Porto to Santiago when my wife walked with me and we had same spare space. Walking alone on the 6 weeks Camino Frances I settled with a 12MP snapshot camera the worked pretty fine. Inside most buildings you cannot use flashlight either.

  2. Definitely not. They are too heavy and too bulky. Take a Micro 3/4 camera instead with a zoom and a pancake lens. Quality and versatility compare very well with most DSLRs and they weight nothing in comparison. You may carry along one of these Gorrilapods or similar just in case you decide to take photos at dusk or dawn. That was I what I carried when I did the CamiƱo twice already and that is what I will carry when I will do it again this year.
    To avoid the constant pounding of the camera strap against my neck when walking, I carry the camera resting on top of a purse strapped around my hips. This way its is always at hand but its weigh is not resting on my neck. It works I can tell you.

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