Should I skip the meseta?

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The question was:

If one wanted to skip the meseta what would that look like? Is it simply the stretch between Burgos and Leon? I heard from a Camino veteran that you would need to make this decision at the beginning as there are no buses once you’re in (on?) it.

Others have written how they liked the meseta and wouldn’t have missed it. Comments?

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  1. Hey,Im from Ireland. I did the camino in 2008, I took 5.5 weeks to walk from SJ Pied De Port to Santiago. I spent an extra three days in Burgos with a friend and an extra day or two in other places. I spent three extra days in Santiago before flying home, I had the time so I stretched it out. It was a six and a half wk trip for me by choice.
    The only thing Id do differently is have booked my flight in advance. I am not sure if you can still fly from Santiago to London/Dublin anymore to connect with a US flight so find out your nearest airport and plan for that. If its in Madrid, you may have to take a four hour train ( or more) to that city…it may be 6 hours – check that out.  Planning that last part would have structured it a bit for me as the last thing I wanted to do in Santiago was think about how I was going to get home and when! Live and learn!

    1. Hi,

      I’m doing my first Camino this May and have allowed six week to complete. like you I’ve not booked a flight back to the UK or even thought as to how I will get home I’ve done this so that I’m not set to any time frame and so I can fully enjoy my trip…

      Buen Camino 

  2. Walking the Meseta is a must do, great time for reflection and it is the easy part of the Camino.

  3. There are busses but don’t skip it. It is the most important stretch of the Camino.

  4. I would advice you not to skip the meseta. As people say its a boring, long walk where u have a lot of time to just think. Its an easy walk, but use the guidebook to plan where to get water. Its some long distances u need to know about. It is possible to find bus on the meseta, no problem is u get problem:) buen camino

  5. meseta is a wonderful landscape, dont skip it, ,,its my favorite part of the camino

  6. I am planning to walk the Mesatas in May 2013. I started last year in September and because a limited amount of time I needed to stop at Burgos. This is exactly where I will start “my” Camino again. I’m looking forward to walk this particular part of the Camino as I know that some people I met during the previous trip have skipped this. The main reason for them is that it was supposed to be boring… I think it is a good time for meditation/thinking and see a part of the beautiful scenery of Spain. I am looking forward to this. I am not assuming that this will be an easy part.. We’ll see. Buen Camino!

  7. The journey is the journey, no part should be skipped. Each aspect of the changing surroundings applies to another aspect of your life and you. There are lessons in all of it. Also the albergues in that section are incredible!

  8. HI, I did not think about “doing” the Meseta or not. I took it as part of the way. I felt the meaning of the way will only reveal itself if I take what is given to me. I have had a very hard time in the Meseta, crying every morning, fearing the endless sky and the emptiness of my surroundings. But I discovered my will power and learned how to overcome my own emotional limitations. Skipping the Meseta would have meant skipping these discoveries and lessons about myself.

  9. it is a part of the camino, it gives you the opportunity to meditate, reflect. it is like in life where you also have moments where everything is allmost not moving, at a standstill, you don’t see progress and you get anxious. the meseta is just like that, and in my opinion just like in life we cannot skip those periodes in our lives, and the meseta can teach us to deal with that. i remember the burning sun and the endless miles, which just continues unendless, but you allways look back in your guide book and start calculating (i walked 2h since we passed the previous village, so the next one should be a hour away) i’m at the moment unemployed and i reached that period where everything is allmost at a standstill, but you just need to get through it! and for this reason alone allready, i would recommend the meseta! it is a part of the camino, just like the blisters, and the backpacks. it is a moment which you can use to think, meditate, and reflect. but also it is simply beautifull in it’s own way, trust me on that!
    Buen Camino
    Verbeke mickael

  10. A friend who I encouraged to walk the Camino is just now a day beyond the Meseta, and she loved it.

  11. Hi, I walked the camino from Antwerp Belgium to Santiago. The meseta is part of the camino Frances. Don’t cut parts of the way to make a privileged and measured road for your own. You will regret it for ever.

  12. Don’t skip the meseta. It was the most intensely spiritual part of the walk especially because there is not so much going on outside and your focus turns inside. It was beautiful and I recommend it!

  13. I’ve walked the camino twice in the past two years. 2011 I started in Burgos and was stunned by the beauty of the meseta and loved the little villages. Afterwards it’ll be all green and rich, and meseta was a great comparison to it! If it is hot, start reeeeally early and make sure to have a hat and some sunscreen!

    You can take a bus in several cities on the way (though not the smaller ones), if you want to skip a part. Book a day in advance or take your chances, it just might be full.

    BUT I must say, you will have a different camino each time you take the bus. Because it will also be goodbye to all those people that you have walked and lived with and a whole new crew and athmosphere. It took me a few days after bus to stop missing MY people and to “own” the new ones 🙂


  14. I skipped the Meseta on my Way in 2011, Had started from St.JPdP, no regrets it was right at the time but now feeling to return and complete almost two years later!

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