Should I use insoles?

Should I use insoles?

The question was:

I will soon be doing my first Camino. I have two metal plates in my spine from a car accident many years ago, and because of this I need good cushioning in my boots, otherwise my back aches.

I understand a lot of the Camino will be on hard surfaces – tarmac, paving etc – and so cushioning becomes even more important.

Is there a particular brand of boot that has particularly good cushioning? And should I be using additional insoles?

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  • nannymu

    a friend who did the Camino last year has advised me to get alpaca hair to wrap my toes and feet in. it is very light and protects and cushions. I think this is worth doing

  • CaminoHopeful

    Regarding your back, how did it hold up on the Camino?

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