Some tips on choosing the right boots or shoes

Shoes used to walk the Camino de Santiago

Not really a question, but som good pointers on what to look for when choising your shoeas/boots from our member skilsaw.

His posts is long, this is the first pharagraph:

I have walked the Camino Frances and the Via de la Plata twice… about 2800 kms.

If you don’t like reading long posts, here is the conclusion first: Purchasing boots and breaking them in is a crap shoot (american slang for “a gamble”). Ya pays yer money, and ya takes yer chances. But suffering is optional. If your feet are blistering or otherwise hurt, experiment.
Try different socks. Use vaseline or other grease on your feet… Or stop using vaseline. Same goes for foot powder. Buy new shoes altogether. Keep experimenting until you find the right combination shoes, socks, and lubricants. Love and care for your feet. You owe it to them, after what you are putting them through.

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