Backpacks and poles = check or carry on?

Backpacks and poles = check or carry on?

The question was:

In the past few years, we have come up against various “rules” regarding luggage which seem to make no sense. For instance, last week I traveled from California to Oregon via air. I called the airlines ahead of time to be sure my luggage was of the size & weight to carry on, only to have them tell me at check-in that the luggage must be checked, which cost me a whopping $40 instead of the $15 I was prepared to pay for the one extra bag.

Sooo.. we’d like to be prepared when it comes to our backpack and hiking poles.

Does anyone have any recent experience flying on British Air from the USA to Spain/Europe?

Read the good advice on checking poles or backpack while traveling to the Camino de Santiago.

It just got easier to travel to Madrid

El Correo Gallego reports today that between 140 and 160 seats were sold of the 189 available seats on the first Ryanair flights between Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. This means that about 80% of the seats were sold, a pretty good number. As of yesterday, Ryanair flies to and from Madrid twice daily.

According to El Correo Gallego, may furure flights are also already sold out, especially those on weekends and dates around some key christmast dates.

So as of yesterday, the price war between Iberia, Spanair and Ryanair is on on this popular route.

Spanair and Iberia lower prices as Ryanair moves in

As Ryanair is about to open their two new daily routes from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid, Iberia and now also Spanair have announced that they will lower prices. All this according to today’s El Correo Gallego.

Iberia is said to lower prices on a Santiago – Madrid flight from about 140 euro to as low as 60 euro. Todays article in El Correo Gallego indicates that Spanair is willing to go as low as 22 euros per flight (taxes probably not included).

Ryanair start Novermber 18th (2008) with two daily flights from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid.

How to travel to your camino starting point

Travel to the Camino de Santiago

Many questions that we get in the forum are related to “I am flying in from X and need to get to my camino starting point Y” and then the conversation goes on how to best travel within Spain.

Early on we created a section in the forum, just for those kinds of questions and we have over 1600 posts with suggestions and questions on this topic.

Many of these questions includes mentions of either a bus company or the train in Spain. But it is also worth mentioning that you can get some good prices and deals on domestic flights in Spain. Many times these flights are cheaper than bus/train, and takes a fraction of time.

Have a look at the forum for how you might travel to your starting point.