Do I have to rush to get a bed?

The question was: Have been reading quite a bit about “rushing to get a bed.” How common is this along the Frances? And what about waiting in long lines to get into the albergues, to get a bed, a shower, etc.? Is this an everyday thing? Read all about this topic in our Camino Forum.

What is the one Albergue not to miss?

The question was: I am looking for those special Albergues that you past travelers would say could not be missed. Was there a memorable meal, experience, host, that you would say, “Go out of your way to make this happen.” ? Read all the suggestions on what albergues not to miss on the Camino de Santiago

Albergue Etiquette

The question was: We’re newbies, starting next September from Oporto. Could someone outline what are the “dos” and “don’ts” of staying at an albergue? Read this interesting conversation on Albergue Etiquette here.

Good and bad albergues

If you are planning to stay in albergues along your Camino, you need to know that there are some good ones… and then som, not so good. Our forum members have some recommendations on good and bad alberuges on the Camino Frances over in this forum post.

New private Albergue in Santiago de Compostela

Today a new private albergue opened today in Santiago de Compostela, and the good news is that this is very well located, only 5 minutes from the cathedral. The two partners that have started this new albergue have been working on getting it ready for several years, and today they had their first day open….

The Camino Welcomes you….

[tube]RMOIAbUDQNA[/tube] José Alvarez has a production company and has made several pilgrim documentaries on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This video is 10 minutes of one of them, Spanish is spoken but there are English subtitles.